Getting Peel and Place Golf Guides to market was a long but worthwhile journey for creator, Jacob Kaufman. He first came up with the idea as a college sophomore at Michigan State University a decade ago. Originally, he imagined a plastic clip with angled guides that would attach to the clubface, much like a guitar capo. Upon deciding this was an idea worth pursuing, Jacob got in touch with an attorney, and filed for a patent of the then called ‘Golf Capo’. With a patent issued, Jacob continued his journey, traveling, searching and learning about the materials needed to create the first prototype. After months of searching, Jacob finally found a local manufacturer who created a working prototype out of a lightweight yet durable plastic. Ready to get some feedback on his invention, Jacob landed an Inventors’ Spotlight booth at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida in January 2013, accompanied by his sister, Shelby. They received a great deal of positive feedback from professional golfers and training-aid distributors alike. The challenge, he learned by many distributors, was that the clip needed to somehow be made universal, in order for them to consider selling it. This complication sent Jacob back to the drawing board, where he had to brainstorm a new way for the same angled guides to work on any club, and at a more affordable price point. That is when the idea to use individual, durable, stick-on foam guides came about. Now with this simplified and improved idea, Jacob filed for, and later received new utility and design patents. He again started his campaign to locate local companies, this time to create a new foam prototype. Once that was finalized, Jacob brought his new product to the country’s biggest foam expo in 2018, and found himself the perfect USA based manufacturer for the product. After an incredibly long journey, Jacob is now finally ready to bring Peel and Place Golf Guides to market and couldn’t be prouder!